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siriosa ([personal profile] siriosa) wrote2008-08-28 10:53 am

schmap on the iphone

and here we have my little shot of the chapel ceiling at the cluny museum, via schmap, on the iphone.

i must be up to 27 minutes of fame by now.

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Honestly, I'd claim a few more minutes toward fame, than 27.

Astonishing ceiling shots...I peeked.


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ah, well, i'm sure you do have several more minutes of fame than 27. you post to your livejournal pretty regularly, after all.

my fame's been more in microsecond chunks. like the time one of my postcards was read from the day stage at michigan, and attributed to "the late jean sirius."

Re: postcard

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Somewhere in a scrapbook is a review I wrote about a Cris Williamson concert in Fayetteville, Arkansas (1978 or 1979). It was sent on to Olivia Records by the concert producer. Later, a thank-you postcard for the much appreciated tribute to the music was forwarded to me from Olivia.

I cherish microseconds of acknowledgment I am coherent.

Oh, dear, the humor one must have during our late moments.

Re: fame

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were you there in person?

Re: fame

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i was not. the story was relayed to me by a friend, who tracked down the announcer afterwards to impress upon her that i wasn't even sick. i don't think a retraction was issued, however.